Breath of Fresh Air

I lay here in my bed. What was our bed.

Thinking of you. Wondering where you are. Wondering who you are.

Wondering what this new year will bring.

Hopefully what seemed so far,

Last year. 


I lay here and think what was it we did last year on this night 

Was it full of pain, disappointment?

Or were we so far from a fight

That we were dead inside

Little did I know as that clock struck midnight 

The next year I’d merely be married one month

Then life would vanish from my sight 

I’d continue to awake from my bed. Our bed. Each day.

And I’d begin breathing in bits of freedom.

Letting go of that pain.

Now it’s a new year again.

Freedom engulfs me. Pain is a brief reminder of a life once lived.

This year I lay in my bed. Not our bed. And begin to live the years to come that mark freedom. That mark safety, renewal, redemption. That says I have overcome. 

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