Little Girl.

There she is. That little girl. Full of life. Of adventure. 

There we are. Bike riding around the lake. Three times.

She squeals with joy, throwing her hands up in the air. 

She says “I loved it, but because I was with you”

Our legs grow tired, though we keep going. Around all the people, weaving in an out.

Moving faster, slowing down. 

Stopping for water, a snack, she even stops wanting to move a bike out of the road. She gets off hers to do this. 

Kind heart. 

I am full of freedom, legs peddling, fresh air. 

Something I used to do, when I was her age.

Now I do it again, bringing back to life that little girl that once was.

The little girl who cries out, screams out for connection.

Getting connected, to the other one. 

There she is. There I am. There we are. Never alone. We belong. In freedom, without any expectations, without any way we have to show up. We are free to just be. Who we are. Those little girls. 

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